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  • Sherlock Mystery Dinner Theatre


    The Sherlock’s Mystery Dinner Theatre has joined forces with award winning Chef Jamie Keating to create the best dinner theatre experience in the Southeast!

    Sherlock’s newest show “Iceberg, HO! The Voyage of the S.S. Gigantic” opens February 5th, 2016, and performs on selected dates through March 26th.

    Contact Sherlock’s Mystery Dinner Theatre for Reservations.

    706-718-4196   *  * BOOK YOUR RESERVATION HERE!

    What is this whole “murder mystery dinner theatre” thing?
    Sherlock’s Mystery Dinner Theatre is a hilarious interactive theatre experience where the audience gets the chance to participate with the actors as a mystery plot unfolds before their eyes! Audience members have the opportunity to select a pre-scripted character when they arrive or, if they would prefer, they can just sit back and watch the show. The show has 4 acts which are performed in between the meal courses and at the end the audience guesses “whodunnit.” The level of participation is completely up to the individual and we can guarantee that you will be laughing all the way through the show!

    Sherlocks has performed in Columbus, GA, since 2008. We have produced nearly 20 shows, over 260 performances, and entertained over 12,000 patrons. Come see why Sherlocks is rated one of the highest attractions by TripAdvisor®!

    $59 per person – Inclusive:
    Where are you going to be able to eat a meal prepared by one of the greatest chefs in the region and see a show all for $59 per person? You’re not. We tried for you. Not there. This is an amazing deal and one that you will thank yourself later for. Get a group or just a friend and see what we have in store for you!

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